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About Us & Our Services

Family Business

Treelocations is a family business, owned and operated. Douglas and Susan Semmens who solely run and operate the business. The family have a passion for landscaping and trees.  The business is based in Cambridge and operates throughout the North Island to remove, relocate and or transplant your established trees.

We specialise in tree transplanting, removing, relocating or moving established evergreen and deciduous trees. The tree spade has the ability to dig up and relocate or remove trees from where they are. We can relocate your established trees with the minimum effect to their growing cycle using our mechanical tree spade.  We will also buy and remove your established specimen and mature trees that have outgrown their location or are no longer wanted. Our tree spade and machinery can transplant trees that are up to six metres tall. It is quick, clean and cost effective. 

Truck capabilities

Our customised Mercedes 1124 truck with our Optimal 1400 tree spade, complete with on board cameras and comprehensive electric over hydraulic system means that we can back straight up to your tree, remove your tree and transport it to its next home with minimum impact on your property. Because our spades are mounted on our Mercedes,we can get in and out of almost any property in almost all weather conditions.

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